Friday, October 17, 2008

GreyBettyOffice Thursdays

Most of the time I don't believe a full moon has anything to do with behavior and then we have a week with the short people (like this one) that makes me a believer. They've been enjoying each other to the max, while turning a deaf ear to the grown ups. Ah to be a speed bump in the eyes of a child! Not a good feeling! I hope library and computer isn't a trial today.
It's good news when I stay awake through all 3 of my favorite shows on Thursday evening. :>) It helps when they're all entertaining. Grey's started out the season with a disappointing script - made me wonder if this would be their last season. The past two episodes have shown much improvement. The Office was hilarious. Feels so good to laugh out loud.
Onward to Friday!

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