Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love My Girls - oh yes I do!

After Fran's PT appointment this afternoon, Liseanne and I wheeled her around on many errands. Geez, just get close to Lancaster and the number of errands on the list seems to grow.
L needed to return a pair of jeans to a store at the downtown mall. We elevatored downstairs to see if she could find a replacement and realized they had given us $14 more than we had coming. Oh! They refunded her for the more expensive/wrong pair of jeans! The clerk was happy that we returned and yet it was such a hassle for him to repair the damage it almost didn't seem worth it. Almost. There's no way we would've done things differently.
I know Fran is probably exhausted, but I sure enjoyed spending that time with both of them. Such sweet, big hearted individuals!
We're browsing through the many leftovers for dinner. That's usually what we do for Thursday (band rehearsal night) dinner. Guess we'll solve that when we get to it!

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