Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch out :>)

I spent about 2 hours at the DMV to renew my license this afternoon. My fault - mostly. I thought I had all the required documents, but once I was up at the counter discovered I had Fran's birth certificate. Ugh!! Dummy! When I went back, I thought I was missing proof of my SSN, too. Thank goodness we found it on the tax document I brought. So frustrating that even people who are renewing have to go through the same hoops. :>P
Okay, done venting.
Just noticed N cursing in the backyard (lip reading) and saw that Nixon had dumped the birdseed with his leash while Norm was trying to multi-task. Oops!
I don't know if I really learned that much at the DIBELS training today. She kept skipping things and saying how "but that will be different for us, since we're doing it another way". Where are those in-services where you don't feel like you've completely wasted your time??
Lisa's making dinner. Sweet girl!
Fran, her J and Izzy come home in the wee hours.

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