Monday, October 27, 2008

Out of the house

Getting out of the house is important, am I right? The longer one spends in the house, the more difficult it is to to make that first step to get yourself out and about. It doesn't even have to cost much money. Yes, there's the gas, but parking is free (as long as you follow the rules). Salem has several great parks to walk around and through. Plus downtown offers a lot of territory to browse and ponder. Really I think it comes down to sanity, doesn't it? And if you can't talk anyone into joining you, there's always sitting over a cup of coffee at the book store or internet cafe.

I noticed that the school district is offering the NCLB classes during the school day in November. Kim and I keep pondering whether it would be worth our time to take the classes and the test. I do know one thing though - I would never attempt the test without studying, with or without the classes. Even though I learned all the bits and pieces the test covers, it's been awhile. Studying only makes sense - unless one WANTS to fail.

My principal gave me the go ahead on the blood drive. Now where to start? I should probably check with Donna to find out which dates are not available.

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