Friday, October 31, 2008

T or T

Well, it's 8:13 PM, and we've had our 1 trick or treater.
I can still remember our first Halloween in this house. We had moved from the southern part of the state the day before and I told the kids it just wasn't going to work out this year, but there would always be next time. Their Papa had another idea, I discovered. He had brainstormed a couple of easy costume ideas with them and said he would take them around the new area to trick or treat. I was reluctant to help out with the plan. I thought they'd spend the evening handing out candy - meeting the kids in their new neighborhood.
I still remember how excited they were about the houses they went to, with the music and other scary stuff. Their papa did the right thing. Thank goodness boring mom was not in control.
Liseanne was a bum (if I remember correctly) and Fran was a clown (they're still trying to remember who was what). I was the one who spent the night answering the continuously ringing doorbell. I still remember the boy who remarked, "you're not Mrs. ****". "No, I'm not. We just moved in."
There were only a few more years of having several trick or treaters. (at least it seems that way now) Now for the past 3 years, it's Kevin who rings our bell and that's it.
There was that one strange year when our doorbell rang around 11 PM (yes, we were still up). It was a couple of teens who were associated with teens in our neighborhood. They saw our porchlight on and decided we were still open. That's when it doesn't pay to have a porchlight that goes on at dusk and stays on until daylight.

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