Monday, October 20, 2008

Walking the dog in the rain

I know I should.
And I probably will eventually.
I doubt if I will today and it's not even raining hard.
It's only drizzled off and on.
Poor Izzy!
To be dependent on such an unambitious human!
I ordered a couple of pair of pants from STPost that a customer claimed, "my most comfortable pants EVER!!" Kinda reminded me of the design of a paper sack - with a cinch belt on top. They probably are very comfortable, but I'd have to wear a baggy sweatshirt to complete the look and that's just not me.
I had to giggle over the PM parent who rushed up to me with a big grin this afternoon, "did you just get a tattoo??" Must be something people who have tattoos notice?
What's for dinner? Either I or Fran will need to pull a rabbit out of our hats. Can't take too long, I need to drag a victim to PetCo and Costco to pick up a few things tonight.

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