Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weighing in - but not on the scale . . .

N and I made a Costco run this evening. One of those visits that make me glad we're executive members. The check should be a nice size this January. :>/
Today the short people and I made pine cone bird feeders in science. I love reading Wild Birds by Joanne Ryder to them. Especially the part where the author's prose describes a little girl standing, "as still as an icicle, as still as a frozen tree", by her busy bird feeder. Then a small bird lands on her outstretched hands and she says she can feel it's heartbeat through her mittens. :>) Due to a couple of students having peanut allergies, Kim bought soynut butter instead of peanut butter for the feeders. Not the most alluring smell in the world. Quite a few of the more vocal ones were plugging their noses. At least they didn't lick their fingers the way they do when we use peanut butter.
Five appointments for Fran this week. We won't know what to do with none for the following week.

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