Monday, October 6, 2008

Where to start first??

I was so glad to see the jogathon shirts had arrived this afternoon! I don't know if Jane and Holly will end up wearing them or not, but at least I was able to hold up my end of the bargain with Liseanne's help.
Even though we all (N,K,L,J,S,J & G) worked hard all day on Saturday, it still felt like we had a weekend. We spent the first part of Sunday unpacking the remaining boxes, except for the ones that Fran laid claim to. "Save the easy ones for me, please!" And then we drove downtown to dink around the shops and eat lunch. We made it home around 10. Not bad.
When I went in to get my haircut after work today I found out that Karyn had been in Ashland with her son to see a play. Hilarious! We were probably outside Bowmer Theatre the same time their play let out, too. I can't believe we missed each other.
I wrote up a "review" from our dining out this weekend, but I decided to ask Salem Man first. People didn't seem too happy when I wrote about the Crow Bar in Cowvallis. If he says no, I'll post it here.

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