Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wormy Day 2008

I like doing worm science with the worm box. Very impressive to pull the damp newspaper aside and show the kindergartners all the worms wiggling in the soil along with the occasional bit of compost-able scraps from the kitchen. They even enjoyed the roly poly bugs that lived in the box. I saved a tray full of the "worm processed" soil to show them. They were horrified after I informed them it was worm poop. After they held the worms, we washed our hands and ate gummy worms. I told them they could go home tonight and tell their parents they held worms and then ate one.

Lisa just finished prepping the Costco pizza for dinner. We wore Fran out with too many trips today. What a dope I am! They went to Bauman's and EZ Orchards while I was at work and then Lise and I took her to PetCo and Costco after I came home. Sorry Fran!

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