Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hang up and talk to your kids!

That's my thought for the day. I was sitting at a stop light watching a mother talking animatedly on her cell while her young son sat in the passenger seat with no one to share his day with.
Well, I did it. I went to the market, bought bread, cheese and cider and then stopped at the wine shop. I walked in, told her what I wanted and she rose to the occasion. That's what I love about wine shops. Then I talked to her about wanting to come in and do a video some Saturday during a wine tasting. She's for it - as long as I give her enough warning to spruce the place up. :>) We had a good conversation about buying local and being disappointed by the local newspaper's wine writer's choice of writing a big article about Kirkland Wines.
Speaking of wine - I have a new post on eatsalem. :>)

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