Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How many days until Christmas?

Sorry, couldn't come up with a better title. So I decided to scare you instead. ;>)

I need to go put an offering in the food confessional plate - just for yesterday. N and I stopped at Arby's after a quick trip to the container store in Pleasantville. They have their Italian sub again. Such a good combination of flavors, what can I say? Then we ate dinner at BigFoot - a burger of course. Their burgers are still good with the new management, but not AS good as they were in the beginning.
We also managed to make a stop at Orchard Heights Winery. Their wines are on the unremarkable side, but they have a great, little, jam-packed gift shop. Though their estate Gevurztraminer was nice. I was sad that more wineries weren't open for Veteran's Day. I suppose it would be different if the day off was a Monday.

What day is today??

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