Monday, November 17, 2008

Mmm, good coffee

N and I went out for breakfast and then to Costco yesterday morning. I think I'll save the review for Friday or Saturday. We ended up leaving the cat litter at Costco, but at least it wasn't on the receipt. I need to return today to pick-up two prescriptions anyway. And after the state of Zuzie's box this morning, I may pick up two containers of litter.
We went to the bird store and bought the winter blend for our feathered buddies. We picked up some suet, too. I wish I could view the suet feeders from this chair. Extra computer entertainment is a good thing.
I'm thinking I should discontinue the practice of reading the principal's monday memo before I head to school. So little pertains to the entire staff anyway. So why volunteer for before work stress?
Onward to Monday . . .

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