Saturday, November 22, 2008

No chores done, but . . .

Liseanne and I (especially Lise) did a lot today. I had forgotten to charge the video camera last night, so we ended up having to wait for that to finish before leaving the house this morning. First we stopped at Santiam Wine Company, where we hung around for an hour or so. I took shots of the shop and then taped the owner answering a question. We bought a few bottles and then drove over to the public market to buy some turnips, parsnips and carrot bread. After that we drove downtown to Court Street and walked to the bead shop with the eclectic collection. Lise bought beads and bits to make a birthday bracelet.
We drove home and then Lise ate lunch and prepared to take Fran and J to the outlet stores. They didn't spend too much time there. Sounds like it was pretty crazy with a lot of promotions going on.
I spent the next part of my day sitting on my rear downloading kindergarten videos to the KG blog and editing the wine shop footage.
Lise heated up her squash soup and sliced the loaf of bleu cheese walnut bread we bought at Cascade.
I guess I'll be doing chores tomorrow . . .

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Lisa Anne said...

no wonder my back hurts!