Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out and about amongst humanity

Every year I forget how busy it is out there on the day before Thanksgiving. Talk about a short memory!
Since two of the places I wanted to visit today open later, I tried to schedule my trip to be able to do both of them the same time as my other errands. My first shock was renewing tags at the DMV in under 5 minutes. Shazam!
By my clock, Costco had been open just 15 minutes and yet the lot was nearly full. There were plenty of "darters" and "dawdlers" pushing carts, but all in all it was a pleasant chatty crowd. It took awhile, but I gassed up as long as I was there for just $1.75 a gallon.
I turned the car towards downtown, went over the bridge, stopped at Reader's Guide to drop off some books and then drove to Rickreall to visit Eola Winery. About halfway in between on Highway 22, I could see emergency vehicles in the distance and then traffic stopped. A silly man in a white Nissan truck thought he could drive on the shoulder to take the next exit, but ended up blocking an emergency vehicle instead. The rest of the vehicles on the road, problem solved and made enough room down the middle of the highway for the small fire truck to pass through.
I bought 6 bottles of Eola's delightful, dependable, not too sweet, Pacific Blanc for $6.95 a bottle (not counting my wine club discount) and 2 bottles of their delicious Late Harvest Viognier.
On the way home, I stopped in at Roth's to buy a couple cans of pumpkin. After all the groceries were put away and I sat down to type this, Fran asked if I bought portabello mushrooms along with the buttons . . .
Oh crud! Time to go back to the store :>(

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