Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time, ambition and money

I heard on OPB radio that Thomas Lauderdale will be playing Gershwin in Portland this weekend. That would be a dreamy concert to attend! Now if only China would join him with vocals on a few pieces. Oh and Paula Poundstone will be in town this weekend, too. I do think we should buy our tickets to see the Oregon Trail Band's Christmas show in December, though. One out of three ain't bad.
I finally found some success with getting one of two insurance companies to ante in on my hearing aides. Who knew it would be so difficult. After mailing it in twice and faxing it once and having them tell me each time they had no record of having received anything, I finally was able to talk to a supervisor who called me back as soon as she received the fax and then walked the claim over to processing, with a request to rush it. That was on Monday and I received a check yesterday. Now to see how quickly insurance company number two responds. Here's the hoop, now jump!
Lise is getting the public market slide show ready and then we'll put up the winery pics. What next?? :>)

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