Friday, November 14, 2008

What are you doing this weekend?

More staff drama at school today. Stop! No more drama! Bad for morale!
We also had a couple of techs camped out the entire day. Evidently someone opened an ecard infected with a virus and it had creeped into the school's intranet.
The entire class and I were walking to the computer lab, when I spied the techs and their laptops in the lab. Oh oh. I poked my head in and asked if the lab was open, "yes! The lab is ready to use!" Whew! And then one of our teachers hurried over to me and said, "sorry, the lab is closed. we're doing some updating for testing." No problem. I turned the crew around and took them back to the room to watch one of my favorite videos by Pete Seeger.
I'd like to pop into the public market tomorrow, while N tackles the leaves and before we head south to pick-up Fran and Izzy.

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