Friday, November 21, 2008

Where did Thursday go?

I know I accomplished things at work, but work days aren't always as satisfying as student days. Depends on the work to be done, perhaps? I resisted and haven't peeked at the photos I picked up at Costco last night. So that will be fun - to glue and enjoy the pics at the same time.
After work it was time to add hair to the landfill (we really should find a use for cut hair) and get my gray covered up again. I'm always surprised it takes 3 hours, but it's time well spent when it's with Karyn.
And yes, Zuzu, I did remember stop and buy you some kitty litter. But no, I haven't gone any farther than that. I apologize. Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and clean sheets had priority last night.
Liseanne reminded us that we won't be seeing as much of her after Tuesday. That's when she starts her swing shift with the Department of Human Resources. We'll find a way, dog gone it!

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