Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zippity do dah

Due to a family discussion, we ended up leaving town sometime around 7:30 Friday evening. We made it Ashland at 11:16 PM. We sat and unwound and chatted a bit before hitting the futon. Such a comfortable mattress! Thank you Futon Man!
J left in the morning for a school event and N and I piddled around taking Izzy for walks and cleaning up the kitchen. Then we went out to The Breadboard for a delicious breakfast. We walked around town for awhile, visited a gallery and then stopped in at Munchies for a few slices of chocolate peanut butter pie - to go.
I think J wanted to take us out shopping, but we were ready to just sit in hibernate mode. Sorry J! We ended up leaving around 4:30 and then joining them for a trip to Costco. We all gassed up and said goodbye.
Instead of stopping in Eugene for pumpkin ale, we looked at the time and decided on a quick stop at Sonic (must beg forgiveness to the food gods). Just as our food arrived, J's mom called with a chicken curry invite. {sigh} Suddenly the fast food fare looked even less tasty than it did already.
Instead of curry, I had a glass of wine and wonderful company. :>) It was a nice break in the trip home.
Missing Izzy and Fran already . . . .

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