Friday, January 23, 2009

Better every day

I don't know if it was good that Izzy threw up yesterday, but soon after she seemed to have made a turn for the better. :>)
Her appetite has returned, as well as her spunk. Plus she's returned to one of her favorite activities in the backyard - compost pile mining - when we don't divert her attention first. I hope these good signs continue.
It's great to have her back!
Meanwhile, Nixon's having to readjust to sharing attention and space with his housemate.
Work seemed to go slower than usual today. Which is what often happens on in-service days without the short people. I was wishing I had been more prepared as far as having more photos taken and developed. Yet it was nice to have the chance to visit with Kim. We don't get those moments very often.
Hmm, I think I hear Fran busy in the kitchen - speaking of things that haven't happened for awhile. I'm sure she's feeling better knowing her puppy is improving.

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