Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Domino Effect

Gee whiz! Is it time to buy a new calendar??
That was something I used to take care of months in advance - new calendars. Not just for myself, but for the girls and Mom. Another tradition gone - evidently.

I almost forgot my hair appointment this morning. Thank goodness N ruffled my head and made a (sweet) comment! While sitting in the chair, my phone sang. It was Fran requesting I stop at Costco for prescriptions. Which reminded me that the credit union had called about my new debit card's arrival.

When I came home Fran's J mentioned something about packing for Fran. We lose her again. I'll let go for him. BUT they're taking Izzy, TOO??!!

{loud sigh}
I wonder if Liseanne will come home with her birthday bike today?

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