Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So tired . . .
I don't know if it's because I didn't sleep as well as usual or I just gave blood or if there' are just too many things laying on the stress this week.
Hard to say.
We're not happy with La Z boy (understatement warning). A service rep came to check out the recliner this morning. He said that it'll need a new back and arm and we're not to sit in it until it's fixed. He said that the parts will take 3 weeks to arrive and then they would schedule the repair. Lise told him we needed a loaner as we need the chair for medical reasons. He said that LaZboy would be in contact. So I return their afternoon call and they tell me that they'll take the parts from an in-stock chair and get it done in a week. "So", I replied, "you have an identical chair in-stock?" Ah but they won't even consider giving us the new one, as we've had this one since May. Right now, at this moment - I can guarantee that we'll never purchase furniture from LaZboy again. On one hand I feel like they're trying, but it's not enough - not for a defective chair.

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