Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mining Poo

N and I trekked (with Nix and Iz) back up to the park this morning. Our goal? Return to the spot where Izzy left her white streaked poo, pick it up and bring it home to see if we might find a clue or two. Are you sure you want to continue reading??
Only Lise was as interested/curious as the two of us. N found what appeared to be a good sized canine molar. Very similar to a baby molar Izzy lost, but times 3+. We don't know if that was the whole problem, but gosh it sure looked like it would hurt.
Half the poo was gone. So many dogs and other critters are in the park, it's not a surprise.
N and I both fell asleep on the couch last night. Friday often finds me exhausted or maybe I just know it's time to rest? L's J was back in the bedroom again, so he didn't have to listen to our snores. Fran on the other hand . . .
Time to go see what N is up to out in the driveway.

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