Monday, January 5, 2009

Monkey see monkey do

I was beginning to believe we wouldn't have school today. Seemed like a bit of a practical joke last night - "oh look! it's snowing again!" Then the temperature went up and the wet flakes turned to rain.
The kids had such a good day - maybe they were ready to be back on a school schedule or with their friends again.
Yay for the clinic being on top of their game in getting the requested prescriptions ready for me to pick-up after work. Tomorrow they go in the mail for Fran. If only I had an extra half hour in the morning to make appointment calls. Once I get to work, home duties leave my head.
The house seems so empty without Fran, Lise and Izzy. I hope Lise doesn't have to work swing for much longer.
This afternoon I asked if anyone on the food blog has had an experience with a new restaurant in Dallas. Someone did and they filled us in on the gory details. What a shame! I had high hopes for that place. Only because we met the owner at a local winery when the restaurant was just in the thinking stage.

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