Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A pinch of this and a cup of that . . .

Thank goodness some experiments are successful!
I misjudged the amount of Italian sausage needed for the recipe I made last night. I browned it all up and saved the other half. I wasn't thrilled with the Italian Vegetables with Penne recipe I used yesterday, so I decided to punt for tonight's dinner. I sliced a cup of mushrooms, peeled two roasted garlic cloves from the fridge and let them cook together with the sausage for several minutes. Then I added a tsp or two of an Italian spice blend, plus another tsp or 3 of extra basil. After another 5-10 minutes, I added 2 cans of diced tomatoes. I let this all simmer for 30+ minutes, while I cooked some short grain rice in chicken broth in the microwave. Then I julienned some baby carrots and sauteed them with olive oil, a few cloves of roasted garlic and a tsp or two of thyme. After 6 minutes (stirring every 2 minutes), I added a quarter cup of water, a Tbsp of lemon juice, a tsp of honey and let them simmer until the rice finished.
Now I feel the urge for a sour appletini. :>)

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