Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep lovely sleep

I slept better last night. :>) I hope you did, too.
I spent most of the school day helping with the DIBELing of kinders. The more practice I had the easier it became. Every once in awhile I had assumed that the Palm had advanced like I'd prompted it to and it hadn't. Not a big deal, but when you're trying to concentrate on several different things at once it can cause a brain jam.
I'm still working on completely letting go (I'm 89% of the way there) of my irritation about Kim's and my lack of training on the program. In December we were promised a January half day training - that was abruptly taken away last week. Such warm fuzzy feelings of worth . . .
I hope to get some chores done tonight. N's at band rehearsal. Zuzie decided to escape this morning. So I'm trying to monitor the door to let her in when she appears. Kinda tough when Nixon is out, though. I was sure she'd pop right back in this morning, when she realized how cold it was. Silly cat!
Izzy was sick a couple times this afternoon. Which made Fran anxious. We'd all like her to be back to her old self. Once in awhile I see her old spark, like when I was sweeping the deck this evening. She asked to join G'pa N in bed this morning. He was sad he only had a short cuddle time, since he had to be out of the house early. She stayed in our bed curled up under the covers until I had to take her out before I left for work. Such a sweet little girl.

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