Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take care of your car and it will take care of you

I can still remember the day I ran out of gas in my 1973 Ford Pinto.
I was on my way to work in the summer, my folks were on vacation and I was headed towards I-5 via the ramp closest to my parent's house. Halfway up the ramp, my Pinto stopped. I was sooo sure I could make one more trip to town on that tank. Why oh why didn't I do the smart thing and fill it up after work the day before?? The next part wasn't as clear. I don't remember if I walked home and called around to find a friendly family member home or if one happened to drive by. Whichever - my hero that day was my Uncle Jack. And boy what a lecture I received! He had great fun with me while giving me the lecture, "you ran out of what? didn't you see the little gas gauge on the dash? generally that means your car is either out or nearly out of gas." And no, I never ran out of gas again. It only takes once to learn not to repeat a foolish moment like that.

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