Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vanishing Act

Kim and I were going over the upcoming science lessons last week. Can it really be time for shadows and then the heart?
Which means that flight is right around the corner and then the end of school. (oh my!)
Then I begin thinking of the problems of watching video with the PMers. With the rest of the school going in and out through the hallway we use for TV viewing, during their two different recess times, it can be tough to keep the short people's attention. Especially those with siblings or bus buddies. Toughen up K!!
Fran's PT schedule is up and running twice a week again. It's good news, yet I worry about missing out with the PMers. I'm hoping that Kim can work those afternoons for me. It's so much easier handing those sweethearts over to someone I know and trust.

Okay, that was weird! I finally remembered to give Fran's PT person a call to let her know that doing pool therapy chills her too much this time of the year. It wasn't her number. I think I just woke up some innocent person and I feel like a dope.

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