Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Walk Among Them

At four today I took the little dogs for a nice long walk. As much for me as for them. Izzy was stressed over Fran leaving her for PT and Nix just needed a walk to release his anxiety. He has quite an amazing bladder. Iz has been out twice since the walk, but he's been with his J back in the back most of the evening. And now they've retired for the night. How does he do it?
Fran received a nice collection of books in the mail from Powell's. I'd rather buy them from Reader's Guide, but at least this way she can shop online and it's still somewhat local.
I've been thinking about what to have the kinders do on Kid Pix tomorrow. Mental note- I should keep an ongoing Kid Pix journal to reference on lab days when I don't have any ideas.
Izzy just finished pulling a bunch of toys from the basket and now she's biting little chipmunk heads to make them squeak and squeak and squeak. :>)

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