Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wine Works

N, Liseanne, her J and I had a nice time at the Food and Wine Festival last night. Although, I realize it's an event organized by a national corporation, and I'm whistling into the ether, I have some suggestions for them;
Less to nill misc. vendors,
more food choices,
and where were the Salem area wineries?
We did see a winery from Dayton and Dallas and one from Salem, but the rest were from other areas of the state. We were happy to see the Umpqua Valley well represented, though. We tasted wines from places we originally visited in the eighties.
After tasting many wines and eating Mexican fare from the Canby Asparagus Farm, it was time to head home. Someone in the car suggested dessert. Most likely the skinny little guy in the back. The Konditori was packed, so I suggested Thompson's. So often we eat dinner out, see a restaurant's dessert menu and wish we had just ordered dessert. Thompson's is one of those places. I ordered a cocktail named, Pumpkin Pie. That should've been what I chose for dessert! So good! But three of us went ahead and ordered the decadent 5 layer chocolate cake and Liseanne decided on their cheesecake.
We were all ready for bed soon after getting home.
The goal today is to check out cars for L&J. N's noticed that Withnell's prices listed online seem awfully high. It'll be interesting to see what happens in person.

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