Monday, January 19, 2009

Yay for an extra day!

Fran talked to the vet last night and he told her that Iz has a 50% chance of needing surgery. I think it's because of the inability to find out what's causing her vomiting. Perhaps there's a little piece of plastic just below her esophagus from one of her puppy toys. That's my uneducated theory.
Four of us are headed to Vancouver today to empty one of the pods that store Lise and James' belongings. The pod broke enroute to their warehouse and they don't move contents - only pods. To complicate matters further, they aren't open on weekends. Taking a day off to help hasn't been something either N nor I have been able to do, what with the new position and appointments to take Fran to. And so we're grabbing this opportunity today.
The goal is to get their stuff moved to a place down here that's cheaper. Eventually.

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