Monday, April 6, 2009

Brick by brick

Just saw an article in the SJ about the dismantling of the State Hospital's "J" building. Evidently this is the same building that "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", was filmed in.
As I looked at the photos, I wondered if the state has a treasure trove in those bricks.
Wouldn't they be marketable?
What's that word they use on "The Antique Roadshow"? Cachet?


Salem Man said...

As weird as it is to drive by that old building, it'll be weirder when they demolish it. I'm glad they're keeping part of the J building intact. I was on the goldman tour at the capitol the other day and you can identify the hospital from up there. That place probably has as many stories at it has bricks.

KandN said...

In spite of the run down appearance of the hospital, that area is so attractive with it's big trees and rolling lawns. You can see that far from the capitol?
Scary stories? I can still remember that nurse in Cuckoo's Nest. What was her name? Ratchett?