Monday, April 27, 2009

Change of seasons and Use of time

So many things I want to do and me - so disorganized.
At least that's how it feels when it comes to my time.
I have these "priorities" that get in the way of my goals. The chief priority being, "if it's the weekend, I MUST sleep in". And then after I sleep in, it takes so long to shift into gear. What's that gear Dad had on his truck? Oh right! The granny gear!

One of those goals I'd like to accomplish this Spring is to find a sunny place to grow tomatoes, peppers and herbs. Our backyard is well shaded, by both our own 3 trees and the surrounding neighbors' trees. I'm thankful 83% of the time for that shade in the summer. The other 17%, I wish for at least two beds to have 5+ hours of sunlight. BUT the majority of our front yard does receive the necessary sun needed to grow something good to eat.

And so in my head, I imagine getting rid of the traditional grass and working with N (or watching him work) to put in raised beds in the front yard. Perhaps an herb garden and a tomato/pepper garden? The other advantage would be getting out in the front yard a little more and interacting with our neighbors on a regular basis.

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