Monday, April 13, 2009

Hard earned $$

L's J completed and paid their taxes one morning last week. Lise wondered out loud why they ended up owing so much and why so many others her age end up getting money back. And since N also couldn't understand the large outlay either, he sat her down with our tax software yesterday and made himself available when any questions on the amended return came up.
Instead of owing nearly $3000, they'll be getting money back. The only complaint I heard (aside from the stress and added time) was regarding the extra months it'll take to get the money back, since amended returns take longer to process. Makes sense, since the IRS probably needs to go over both forms with a careful eye.
But now it's done (in spite of Lise's cat turning off the computer just minutes before she finished typing her explanation) and off her plate.
Good news, that.

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