Thursday, April 30, 2009

I think she's Super

I've had the pleasure of listening to Sandra Husk speak in person 3 times since she joined Salem Keizer School District. It's apparent after the first 10 minutes that this is an administrator who cares greatly about children, families, and the long range view.

This past week, she came to speak to staff at the school where I work. While the floor was open to any type of question, the budget was the only item on staff member's minds. Who knows what will end up on the negotiating table's chopping block at this time, but it felt good to hear her talk about her understanding of the consequences of eliminating programs. Programs that would have an immediate effect on children, families, jobs, the community and finally - the reduction of income tax collected. Plus, she covered how difficult it is to rebuild some programs after they've been dismantled.

The biggest savings with the least pain to the community as a whole, would come through all employees tightening their budgets and belts. Losing jobs? Not so much

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Anonymous said...

But have you notices Sandra is talking about cutting your salary or job and never her's? Do you know that she hired another asst. superintendent just this school year when everyone else in the district has been told to take cuts. Do you know that she makes more than the governor?

Now really who does she care about???