Thursday, April 23, 2009

Processing Wednesday

That's the thing about having a daughter with a "medical mystery", we've had our share of periodically getting passed around to doctors - commonly called "referrals". All of these doctors either don't schedule the time to go over her chart or prefer to hear her story in her words. The longer this mystery goes on, the tougher it is to retell in the correct order not leaving anything important out.

Yesterday, Fran and I went to her third appointment at the new Comprehensive Pain Clinic downtown. As the name implies, they seek to give their patients access to all the specialists they need in one office. Having completed the introductory appointment in late March with the doctor who oversees everyone else and then the second appointment where she completed a 500+ questionnaire (3rd time she's been asked to do this in 3 years), yesterday was time to be interviewed by 4 different specialists and then meet up again with the doctor in charge - after the team conferenced.

As much as I try not to, I never quit having the belief that THIS time one of the doctors will have an "Aha!" moment - putting pieces of this puzzle together and seeing what's been missed.
Someone slap me, please.
No "ahas" were uttered, but there is a new plan and regular appointments will begin soon.


smc said...

I wish you and your family the best of luck with this new pain clinic. How frustrated your daughter must feel as she deals with her pain and lack of answers.

KandN said...

Thank you, SS :>) All good thoughts and wishes are welcome and held close to our hearts.