Sunday, April 5, 2009

Savoring the weekend

The grass is green and growing, the daylilies have pushed 6-7" out of the wet dirt, The oxalis have begun to form their clover like mounds, the cherry trees are one sunny day from bursting into bloom, the blueberries, clematis and Exbury azaleas are all ready to open, too.
Soon we'll be making trips to our favorite nurseries to buy sets to fill our planters and beds. Heck, I'm ready to get the lawn chairs out for morning coffee, but that would be rushing things a bit.
Izzy's loving this turn of weather, too. She spent a good 40-50 minutes exploring the backyard and sniffing the air this morning.
I won't tell her that I've just checked NOAH and see that rain is due to return on Wednesday.

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whack patti said...

Susan at pie-o-my is my best friend of 40 years, Aren't I lucky? I also think that you and I share a similar job. I am a special needs IA at Schirle.