Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sea Lions in Astoria

My sis K, sent this video to me and I just had to share.


smc said...

How funny. My father-in-law lives a block from the river in Astoria and I too took some wonderful pictures of the sea lions. There were so many they were weighing down the docks to the point they looked like they would sink. Personally, I enjoy them, but I know the fishermen who make their livings via the sea, have their issues with them.

KandN said...

When we lived in Netarts, we used to watch the sea lions sun themselves on the sandy spots at low tide.
Such a heap of bodies!
Must be nice to have an excuse to head over to Astoria on a regular basis! Since we don't can it ourselves, we try to make it Warrenton when we're in the vicinity to pick up half a case of Bornstein's Tuna.