Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blame it on the hoe!

N made an early trip to Guenther's for mega loads of compost. I'd finished most of my chores, so I went out to help by spreading the compost with a hoe. Our backyard has two levels separated by a wall of railroad ties - 5 high at one end and 6 high at the other. Lise and I were being silly as we worked on the top level- as usual, and I miscalculated my step onto the railroad ties.
I took a tumble, landing in the lower flowerbed on my right wrist.
Several hours later Lise and I are finally home and my fractured wrist is in a cast. K angry, sad, hurting, grateful for Lise . . . but still in fairly good spirits, even after discovering the urgent care doctor wrote my pain prescription for Betty Roberts.
I wonder how Betty is doing?

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Salem Man said...

Oh geez K, I'm glad you're still in good spirits. Take good care of yourself and if you need anything give us a call.

Lise M said...

Mom says 'Thank you!' as she lies on the couch watching Babe. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow-I'm gone for a weekend and look what you do! Is there anything you need?!! Holler if there is...or if you just want to vent.