Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunny Sunday

N, Fran, Izzy and I spent Sunday in Roseburg. N helping with re-doing a pool area - getting ready for a replacement of slightly different dimensions - at Fran's J's family's home. (Is that as clear as a recently stirred up mud puddle? ;>) )

J's family are superb hosts. They know how to lay a spread, as well as the snacks and drinks. It was so relaxing to sit and enjoy the company of their friends and family who came to help and support. And it's always enjoyable to watch Izzy and Emma (mini doxie) wrestle and chase. They do take the occasional nap, but never tire of one another's company.

This morning I jumped at the chance to join friend Shirley for a rejuvenating breakfast. It must be a good sign when a friend's company leaves you feeling refreshed. :>) I always hope the restaurant doesn't mind that we keep possession of a table for over 2 hours.

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