Saturday, May 30, 2009

Deck Cleaning

It's that time. Well, it's really past that time, but we forgot last year due to the roof redo.
In the past we've always mixed up our own concoction of deck cleaner (part bleach, part Tide w/bleach and water), but after reading the negatives about the use of chlorine bleach and already knowing the negatives about phosphates we bought a ready made formula instead. The concentrated powder uses oxygenated bleach instead of chlorine. They say it's better for the deck and the environment. I was sold.
Now to see the results. Soon we'll discover whether enough of the old stain comes off to use a transparent stain this year.
I keep saying "we", when it's really 99% N.
Guess I'll go back out and watch . . .
Update: the powder worked better than our homemade recipe and the deck looks awesome!


Salem Man said...

we tried to be more friendly to the environment this year with organic fertilizer on the grass. it worked really well except for some clover weeds that I sprayed over with some herbicide. Next year I'm going to use corn gluten on the lawns to contain weeds. I heard that works well and it's natural. but what is really natural?

KandN said...

Really? Corn gluten? Sounds interesting!
Yeah, clover. What other solution is there, except for the hands and knees approach?
Yes, I love the natural argument, because, well, tobacco is natural, isn't it?