Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doctor, it hurts when I do this

I thought I knew where I was going.
Maybe seven years ago, Fran had shoulder surgery at a place on State called "Willamette Something" and so when I was told that I had an appointment with a physician's assistant at a place formerly known as "Willamette Orthopedics", on State, I assumed it was the same place. Lord knows how the brain makes these unsupervised leaps, but there ya go.

When I looked over and saw the sign, "Willamette Surgery Center", my stomach sank.
Oh no! that's not it!
I'm going to be late!
Now I don't know where I'm supposed to go!
(panic city, if you hadn't figured it out already)
Then I turn my head and voila! There's a big complex (I've never really given much thought to) with a sign out front, "Oregon Orthopedics". I was so happy and yet still not sure if this was the right place, but how many orthopedic places could there be on State?
I parked and entered the building where one of the receptionists behind the counter confirms that I'm where I'm supposed to be. Once I've been called into an exam room, the physician's assistant looks over my x-rays and chart and asks a few questions. One of which was, "have you been experiencing any pain?"
"Well, some days my arm has this dull ache. I think it's after I've over done it."
"Bingo!", the PA shoots back, "thanks for saving me the trouble of telling you the same thing."
Uh, you're welcome?
I told him that I've been hearing that from the nags . . . I mean, people who care about me and that I'll try and do better. He asks if my present cast is working for me and I let him know it's cutting into my hand in several different places. So he sends me to the "cast shop" upstairs.
Misty (the cast master) and I had a good old time trading stories and laughing. In the end I walked out with a waaay better cast (she IS a master)- this time in maroon. Made me think of Bugs Bunny and it just seemed so dog gone appropriate.
The bad news? Eight long weeks . . . {sigh}


Kluver's Korner said...

Eight weeks! You'd better listen to those "nags" and not overdo things! Take care of yourself! (And holler if we can help.)

KandN said...

Thank you, Shirley!
Now that I'm thinking in terms of whether or not I'm putting any torque on my hand or arm - it's easier to prevent possible bad situations. Usually
How's the planning, going?

sweet sue said...

It's pretty funny about you and your "maroon" ...K&K and I were trying to come up that saying - Jared used to use it a lot and I loved it.

KandN said...

I believe it was, "What a maroon!"
Simple and to the point. :>)

Simple Simon said...

Sorry you have to have a cast on for so long. The granola would last a couple weeks in an airtight container or I bet it would freeze just fine. Take care.