Friday, May 15, 2009

Here I Go!

What a wuss I am! Okay, good to get that declaration/confession out of way. :>.

Yesterday afternoon was my first time behind the wheel of the car. Putting the pre-anxiety aside - not that bad, not that bad. No, it wasn't easy to turn the key with my left hand, but that was really the only tough part. Shifting from park to drive to reverse was pretty smooth.
I wasn't going to miss my hair appointment with Karyn, though. No way! She's an excellent hair stylist, friend and therapist all rolled into one. :>) I'd definitely sign-up for once a week if I could.

And so, now that I know I can drive, I'm going to work today. Friday seems like a good day to try it out.
I hope all the short people are gentle with this old wuss!


Rebekah said...

Good luck today!

KandN said...

thanks Rebekah!
what I didn't bank on, was being asked by nearly every student "what happened to your arm?"
shows how little I think things through! Oh and their urge to touch the cast. Kinda funny!