Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day = family day

N drove Lise and I up to Kelso WA, to spend the day with my folks, sissy K & husband and brother Chas and family. We arrived later than we had hoped after the trip to the urgent care clinic and the pharmacy, but we made it.
Sissy K made Simple Simon's delicious seafood au gratin recipe, a fruit salad and a crab salad. Her husband barbecued a 23 pound turkey.
Great food and warm company!

Hmmm, this short post thing is not as fun. Trying to be as thankful as I should be for left hand.


smc said...

So sorry to read about your injury. I hope you heal quickly. Thanks so much for the post mention and the seafood recipe. It was one of our favorites.

KandN said...

Simple Simon,

i had planned never to break a bone and i guess technically i still haven't. ;>)
thank you for sharing your recipes!