Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nice to have my own advocate

I still don't know what happened to Betty Roberts - if she ended up with my prescription or ?? After discovering I had been given her prescription, I began calling (salem clinic's various numbers) to find out how to solve their mistake. Riiight . . .
The Urgent Care Clinic was closed. The on-call doctor said there was nothing she could do - any prescription, but pain meds. And so N and I hustled to get to urgent care as soon as they opened this morning. The receptionist looked at the slip in disbelief and apologized. A nurse came out to talk to me to hear the details first hand and said she would take care of it as soon as she could talk to the doctor. In the mean time, the receptionist began to worry we had been forgotten about and took our matter to another assistant. The other assistant came out and told us - due to protocol, there was nothing they could do. So sorry.
That was it for N. He'd had enough. He knew I was hurting and he knew this was all due to yesterday's doctor's careless mistake. While he was explaining to the assistant why this was so wrong and how they needed to make it right, the original nurse came out and told the assistant she was taking care of it.
And she did.
Yes, today's doctor needed to look at my file and dictate a note about his action, but isn't that what they're supposed to do, take care of patients?


Rebekah said...

Wow! You've had quite the few days dealing with medical stuff! I'm so sorry about your hand. I guess that'll slow down you're blogging a little, but I bet not for long! Good luck and I'm glad N set them straight for you over at the Clinic!

Shirley said...

I'm SO sorry you had to go through that ordeal! It makes you wonder what happened to compassion, let alone competence! Hope this is a better week.

KandN said...

Rebekah, That was just too crazy for both of those prescription events to have hit one family within two days. I hope it was a bizarre coincidence and not a sign of what's happening to many folks.
This typing with one hand? Not that great, but hey, this hand has been needing some exercise ;>).

KandN said...

I kept thinking how it only takes one person to make a mistake - not the entire company, BUT these laws that have made it so tough to ease pain need to be repaired. AND not with yet another layer of red tape.