Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relaxed, relaxed, relaxed and then panicked

It's been awhile since I've been broadsided by the kind of panic that hits after a 3 day weekend, when you realize that - "yes, it really is Tuesday and are you prepared?".
When I take my shower in the morning, I generally use that time to go over my schedule for the day. That's when it hit me -
"oh shoot! THIS is the day I take Fran to her morning appointment and THIS is science day, too!" My brain shifted into overdrive, working out how to best smooth this bump in the road.
I remembered our amazing Tuesday parent volunteer did the handwashing lesson with us at the beginning of the school year. And so it would make more sense for her to take my science groups than my sub. Once out of the shower, I typed up a summary for the lesson and emailed it to more people than are necessary to make sure L receives it in time.
Now as long as our volunteer is able to make it today and the sub I requested is available - all should be good for short people and L.
Onward to another nice day!

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