Friday, May 8, 2009

Science: The Last Week of Flight

The styrofoam dino gliders I found on Ebay this year, worked well. Not great, but well. I warn the short people not to throw them into the ground or a wall and also reassure them that tape can repair most breaks. I'm not crazy about disposable toys, but I do like making the last week of flight fun. I used to wish I could find inexpensive (times 78) balsam gliders, until it occurred to me they probably come from rain forest wood.
Last week we watched a "Bill Nye, The Science Guy", episode about flight. This week, we read "How People Learned to Fly", a "Let's Read and Find Out Science Book", wrote the flight words in our journals we've been discussing (lift, thrust, engine, air) and then took our gift gliders outside to fly.
Next week? Plants.

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