Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sixteenth of May

N and I, decided to hit a few of our favorite nurseries this afternoon - Fessler's on Monitor McKee Road, and as long as we were in the same general vicinity - Bauman Farms. What a beautiful day for both a relaxing drive in agricultural country and shopping for plants!

On our way (kinda) to the Heirloom Rose Garden near St. Paul, we stopped in Canby for a Burgerville lunch. I was surprised to see a grilled asparagus, tomato, mozzarella, provolone sandwich tucked inside sourdough bread and then grilled on their menu. It was good, although not amazing and I found myself craving a hamburger when I was done. I took the high road for a change and decided to wallow awhile in my healthier choice.

While finishing up our BV lunch we were witness to a toddler on the loose, who made himself comfortable at a nearby table, grabbed the ketchsup squeeze bottle, inserted it into his mouth and proceeded to suck away on the tomato-ie goodness within the bottle. :>O As soon as the toddler had been retrieved by his older sis, N hopped up and grabbed the squeeze bottle. We figured it was our civic duty to prevent an unwitting diner from squeezing toddler spit onto their fries.

After lunch, we drove to the Heirloom Rose Gardens. Only a bloom or two could be seen amongst all of their bushes, but that didn't stop us from buying the 3 roses we came for - Kateryna, Orange Waves, and a small groundcover type Red Cascade.

We hope to hit another nursery tomorrow. Our list isn't complete. :>)


Salem Man said...

Does BV score high ratings in the kid friendly category for easy access to ketchup sucking?

KandN said...

N's reply, "why yes, yes it does! and bv also scores high for it's high stools that enable small children to crawl on top of tables. Isn't that considered an aerobic activity?"
That was the toddler's slightly older brother engaged in that dare devil activity.

smc said...

We too took a beautiful morning drive on Hwy 99 out to Bauman's Farm where we bought our veggie plants for the season. This also included 2 blueberry bushes-can't wait for our first harvest, hopefully next year.

KandN said...

SS, well dang! Bauman's had blueberry bushes?? That's one of the things on our list. Oh well, we had planned on heading down to Garland's Nursery today anyway. They have a nice selection of shade plants and herbs - along with the rest of their stuff.

Rebekah said...

Oh boy! I better get to the nurseries before you buy all the good stuff! :)

KandN said...

Since we were limited to how much we could fit in the bed of the truck, we had to leave a few things behind. Very sad! Guess we'll have to make another trip!