Thursday, May 14, 2009

Striving for independence

There's nothing like a little dependence to make independence seem even more imperative.

I know I frustrate N with my attempts to do everything myself, "just let me help you", he implores daily (hourly in the evening) I also know from experience he would be going through the same process, if he were in my place.
This morning I felt especially helpless. Yes, there are a lot of things I CAN do, but when it comes to the things I can't - I have a tough time sitting and directing; "it's garbage day", "can you put the lid on the cat food?", "can you finish putting your lunch together?".
You get the idea.
When Lise gets up and prepares for her swing shift, I have another list. Slicing tomatoes and cheese is definitely a two handed task.
I can make coffee. :>) And going by the extra carafes I'm brewing - I'm also capable of drinking it.

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