Monday, July 20, 2009

Keeping N Busy

It wasn't my intention. It just seemed to happen. Yeah, I'm totally innocent. :>)

N's original intent was to give Fran a change of scenery via a night in the tent trailer. So what if it was sitting in the driveway?! She said no--probably to the effort more than the experience. So he asked if I was game. Oh why not! Probably cooler with all that ventilation, compared to our bedroom. It was cooler, but we both woke up at 2 AM, and then lay awake wondering what had stirred our slumber. As a result, we slept in way past our normal time. In the morning, Jonathon was worried what had happened to us. ("did they go out to breakfast without me?") He'd been asleep when we made our decision. He and Izzy were relieved when the mystery was solved.

After stashing the trailer back into it's shell, I reminded N about the issues with the toilet in our half bath. It was time to change the guts of the tank. Since we have a standing cupboard that lives over and behind the toilet, it becomes a bit tougher--lifting the tippy shelf up to the ceiling and keeping it balanced as he moves it out of the way. Plus there's the problem of the cupboard's little support that has to be coaxed from behind the tank, too. When all was complete he had only had to make one trip to Ace. Yay, for that!
I had ordered a new bath chair (with back support) for Fran, but hadn't been able to put it together on my own. The right wrist still doesn't have the strength it used to, although I am working on it. We worked together as a team, trying to get the metal tubing, that was the legs and back support, to line up with the holes in the plastic seat and back. An hour later, we try it out in the tub only to find out it's too wide--3 inches wider than what's stated in the description. So this is why we save boxes!
And now I'm thinking, what can I do for N today . . .
PS. AND how could I forget? We groomed Izzy, too. Well, as usual I use the "royal we". I hold her still and N applies the trimming tools and styling. :>)

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