Saturday, July 18, 2009

License Up!

Poor, poor N!
He's sitting and waiting for his number to come up in the DMV office as I type. Last weekend, after reading the list of needed ID, we turned every file upside down in search of his birth certificate. Good grief! It was only 2 years ago when we gathered our ID for our trip to Canada! Where could it have disappeared to? Now I'm wondering if we just thought we had his in the envelope with mine--maybe it was Fran's. I've been known to visually scan forms and have my brain jump to the wrong conclusion.
Plus, N has an added hurdle most of us don't have. When his mother remarried, he was 5 years old. When he reached legal age, he decided to take his step-father's surname--which means he had to come up with an extra piece of ID.
Ordering his birth certificate was a little ordeal all by itself. You begin to feel like they want you to show your birth certificate in order to get your birth certificate. Faxing from home, we're never sure if it was successful or not. So the following day, I checked their site to see if there was a way to be sure the fax was received. Lo and behold, on the same page you make your query, they provide a way to send a JPG of your ID!
A word of warning; to order a new birth certificate the shipping cost is $20 and you're required to be at home to sign for it. Otherwise, it's returned to


Salem Man said...

Did N ever get that driver license or will you be his taxi service for the time being? I'm imagining the immigration office knocking on your door and deporting him to a foreign land.

KandN said...

It must be a stage of life, but I was getting a real thrill out of running in the shadows down the road, watching out my rear-view mirror, and imagining what kind of authority was lurking behind the bushes in front of me waiting to take me in; kind of like Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road (oh, that movie was probably way before your time, sorry it's the best I have)

Alas, the thrill is gone. I am now legal, to drive at least. N